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Taco Bell Rockstar (08/27/2005)

I got a phone call from an old friend of mine just before class this morning. He apparently just got voted on the internet out of hundreds of other musicians to play an opening set for Hanson in New York City.
Yes, mmmm-bop. That Hanson.

This didn’t really strike me as surprising or all that special that he’d won because he’d been riding the top of the voting lists ever since he announced on his website that he was in the running. What DID surprise me was that Hanson still has career prospects. This afternoon, however, it occurred to me that I should probably make mention of it here on my blog. Mostly because I needed more content.

Chris Merritt is his name, and I’ve been working with him on his marketing strategies for the last year. It’s been a lot of fun to get involved in a project like this, even if I am lazy, late, and generally unproductive when it comes to working on it with him.

Take a listen to some of his stuff, or read through one of the harassing newsletters I recently sent out to his fans.


One response

  1. Bridget Kominek

    I listened to some of the songs…really nice! His voice reminds me of Loudon Wainwright III. And also: Hanson? Really?

    July 16, 2010 at 6:00 pm

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